Technical Assistance (TA)

KCCTO-KITS Infant-Toddler Specialist Network

What is a Technical Assistance?

A technical assistance (TA) plan through the Infant-Toddler Specialist Network is designed to support you as a caregiver in meeting your needs and building your skills. We will work with you from start to finish to identify goals, develop action steps, and ultimately achieve your intended outcomes. Our purpose is to help you meet your goals, whatever those may be! We strive to build on your strengths, knowledge, skills, and abilities, which ultimately enhances your capabilities and confidence in your work.

What is a TA Plan?

A TA plan is a document that is developed in partnership with your ITSN Specialist (coach). We work together to identify areas of interest and outline achievable action steps to support your growth. We believe it is important to hold each action plan to two goals.

Why should I participate in a TA Plan?

TA plans are goal-oriented, which means that we work with you to develop goals that support your strengths and interests. We use a relationship-based approach to help you improve skills, develop new skills, and build competence and confidence to your desired outcome level.

Who can participate in a TA Plan?

Early care and education professionals that work with infants and toddlers, or administrators of programs that serve infants and toddlers.

Who is involved in TA?

A TA plan consists of at least two people, a coach (Infant-Toddler Specialist) and a coachee (you). The Infant-Toddler Specialist’s role is to provide a supportive and encouraging environment where we can work together to examine and reflect on current practices, apply new skills and knowledge with feedback, and problem-solve challenges together. The coachee’s role is that of engagement in the process and accountability. You’ll be asked to develop one or two goals with your Infant-Toddler Specialist, and follow-through with the action steps identified. This relationship is collaborative, in that accountability to the Infant-Toddler Specialist is simply a way for you to track progress and fulfill the action plan developed together, for you to achieve your desired outcomes. If you are in a center or have a direct supervisor, we will also ask that they sign-off on the plan as well, so everyone can work together to support the goals.

When do I participate?

That’s up to you and your Infant-Toddler Specialist. Some plans last for a couple of months, some go six months or even up to a year. You and your Infant-Toddler Specialist can determine how long your plan should be, and how often you should connect. You may meet once a month, or more or less frequently, depending on your goals and wishes.

Where does the TA plan take place?

Typically, visits will be at a location convenient to you. We can come to your work location, have a phone call, or a Zoom meeting. There may be times when one of the action steps could be taking a KDHE-approved training online, in-person, or virtually. We will work together to identify when and where a training might be that would be convenient for you.

What happens when I am done with my TA plan?

We believe at the end of your TA plan you will be able to apply your new knowledge and skills in your everyday work environment. We also hope that you will continue to look for ways to expand your knowledge and skills in the field. We will check back in with you at regular intervals (6 months and 1 year) after the official close of your plan to see how you’re doing and if you need any continued guidance. Of course, we are more than happy to check in more frequently if that is what you would like! We are always here to support and assist.

What does a TA plan look like?

Each TA plan is individualized, but you can view an example TA plan by contacting KCCTO - KITS ITSN staff.

Ultimately, a TA plan is for you, for your professional growth. We use principles of early childhood coaching and adult learning to facilitate the development of your skills and confidence. We work hard to make sure that you are comfortable with all steps of the process and welcome any feedback you have. We want to work with you to identify areas you would like more support in and do what we can to support your growth. Our biggest goal is supporting you!

Connect with an Infant-Toddler Specialist in your area to get started with a TA plan.