Kansas Early Years Modules


Welcome to Kansas Early Years! This professional development program is designed to provide you, as a practitioner in early intervention, important information that will help you partner more effectively with families to identify and reach both child and family outcomes. The program has two major components: 1) online coursework in a module format with individual sessions and 2) onsite mentor coaching provided by a mentor coach chosen from your local early intervention team.

Kansas Early Years Mission

The Kansas Early Years mission is to guide early intervention practitioners in forming trusting partnerships with families to engage in evidence-based decision making in home and community settings. The outcomes include improved child development and enhanced quality of life for the entire family.

Module Structure

Each Early Years Module includes six to eight sessions. The sequence of sessions is consistent across the modules, with an introduction session, four to six content sessions, and a summary session. The sessions should be completed in this order because they often build on each other and incorporate ideas from previous session. Further, it is best if the modules are completed in chronological order as they also build upon and incorporates ideas from previous modules. Once a module is completed, the learner can go back to any session within a module or to a full module for review as needed.

Video clips are a part of each session and designed to support the written content and provide examples of specific techniques in real life practice. Some video clips may seem a little dark or the audio is not as clear as is should be, but this is a result of shooting video in real life interactions between professionals and families in their home or natural environments. Additionally, the video clips are stored on YouTube. If you receive a message that the content is blocked this may be a result of filters on the network that your computer is hooked. Also, some computers may be set-up to block content from YouTube and you may be prohibited from accessing the video clips. In either of these situations it will be necessary for you to work with your information technology support person to resolve the problem.

Accessing the Modules - Instructions *

Blackboard is an online software tool that was used to create the Kansas Early Years Modules (Modules 1-3). Blackboard is password protected to ensure that each user can log in as an individual to complete the modules. You will need to request a username and password and one will be assigned to you. To receive a username and password, email your first name, last name, and preferred email address to kskits@ku.edu. In the subject line of the email please put "EY User Request". A username and password will then be assigned and sent to your email address. If you forget your username and password, email kskits@ku.edu.

The first three modules were developed by one team of professionals and the fourth module by a second team. As a result they are stored on different servers and will require that you have a username and password for each system. We apologize for the inconvenience. Kansas users, please email kskits@ku.edu for access code for Module 4.

Also at this point in time Modules 1-3 are provided at no cost to anyone wishing to access the material. Module 4 is free to professionals in the state of Kansas but individuals outside of the state will be required to pay a fee to access to that Module.

Title Supporting Documents Additional Information
Tiered Coaching as Professional Development in Early Intervention: The Kansas Early Years Model Link to PDF  
Kansas Mentor Coach Guidebook (11/10/13) Link to Guidebook (PDF)  
Module 1 - Empathetic Communication Acknowledgement (PDF)

No cost, see * above for instructions

email kskits@ku.edu for user name and password

Module 2 - Evidence-Based Decision Making Acknowledgement (PDF)

No cost, see * above for instructions

email kskits@ku.edu for user name and password

Module 3 – Service Coordination Acknowledgement (PDF)

No cost, see * above for instructions

email kskits@ku.edu for user name and password

Module 4 – Application to Practice
(Natural Interventions, Coaching, Focus on Strengths, Home and Community Visits, Teaching in Primary Coaching)
Acknowledgement (PDF)

This module is provided at no cost for Kansas residents. Please contact KITS at kskits@ku.edu for Access code.

For individuals who reside outside of Kansas, there is a fee for each Lesson in Module 4.  Please see attached flyer for access link and information.

The work of Early Years team was supported through a grant from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment – Infant-Toddler Services.

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