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The KCCTO-KITS ITSN project is designed to provide training, technical assistance and resources for Kansas child care and early education providers through a variety of activities and methods.

Virtual Kits have been developed as a vehicle for helping you quickly find relevant and reliable web-based resources on topics important to our field and our practices. In recognition of the rapid rate at which new information is disseminated on the web, this section of the KITS website will be continually updated. New information "Kits" will be developed in response to consumer feedback and requests.

Each Virtual Kit is organized around the following content:

Virtual Kits QT 
A "Quick Take" summary of the rationale and purpose of each Virtual Kit.

Show me now! (I need this tomorrow.) 
Links to 3-5 websites on the topic, with the best available information we have identified to date.

What does this look like in practice? (I have a little more time to read about this.) 
Links to information on practical application of practices consistent with best available information we have identified to date, including levels of evidence to support the practices, when available.

What does the KITS Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC) have on this topic? 
3-5 related holdings in the ECRC

How can I find training on this topic?
Links to KITS training resources, including KITS training calendar and related technical assistance packets, online training modules, as well as professional organizations or state agencies that provide training or courses related to the topic.

What if I still need help? 
Contact information for KITS team members or representatives from state agencies that support early intervention and early childhood special education.

If you thought this Virtual Kit was helpful, you might also like… 
Links to additional or related information.

Link to quick survey asking for feedback on the Virtual Kit and suggestions for future Virtual Kit development.

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