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Summer Insitute 2012

Linking Assessment, Instruction and Individualized Interventions

June 5-8, 2012

Wichita State University, Hughes Metropolitan Complex 
Wichita, Kansas

Day 1


Tuesday, June 5

Title: LINKing Authentic Assessment and Early Childhood Intervention: Best Measures for Best Practices 
Speaker: Stephen J. Bagnato, Ed.D., NCSP

Dr. Bagnato talks about his presentation to KITS Summer Institute

Stephen J Bagnato

Stephen J. Bagnato, Ed.D., NCSP

Dorothy Fulton getting autograph from Dr. Bagnato

Dorothy Fulton is getting an autograph on her book by Dr. Bagnato and Jennifer Grisham-Brown.

Dr. Bagnato looking over the shoulders of participants

Dr. Bagnato looks over the shoulders of Taci Alpers and Heather Caswell while they are discussing how to identify examples of exemplary authentic assessment measure.

Three participants at Summer Institute 2012

Stephanie Kramer, Therese Falls and Becky Lanier review exemplary scales and teamwork processes for reliable and valid informed opinion.

Day 2

Wednesday, June 6

Title: Using Assessments for the Purpose of Program Planning 
Speaker: Jennifer Grisham-Brown, Ed.D., University of Kentucky


Jennifer Grisham-Brown speaking to participant

Jennifer Grisham-­Brown asked Nicole Richardson to describe her team's action plan for identifying components of tiered instruction.

Partiipant workingon list of skills and action plans

Participants explore how they can incorporate learning in every aspect of a child's day.

Jill Reagle reading a book

Ka Ann Graham looks at a book by presenters Stephen Bagnato and Jennifer Grisham-Brown.

Two participants smilling

Stephanie Larson and Janie Sheldon discuss decisions about instructional priorities for the children with whom they work.

Day 3

Thursday, June 7

Title: From the Baby's Point of View: Ensuring the Development of Mentally Healthy Children Through Assessment and Early Intervention 
Speakers: Terrie Rose, Ph.D., LP


Terri Rose

Terrie Rose, Ph.D., LP


Brandi Parizek asks Dr. Rose a question about her presentation.


Participant listens to other Summer Institute participants talk about the activity.

Jill Reagle stretched during a break in the presentation.


Day 4

Friday, June 8

Title: Methods for Collecting and Using Information to Promote Friendships and Social Skills 
Speakers: Gregory Cheatham, Ph.D. & Audra Classen, MS.E.

Gregory Cheatham and Audra Classen with props for their presentation

Nancy Guajardo and Alta Gardner filling out forms to attenad Summer Institute

Nancy Guajardo and Alta Gardner are filling out forms for Summer Institute travel reimbursement.

Participants explaining smart board during Summer Institute

Janie Larson is explaining a smart board to Janie Shelden and Dana Pfanenstiel.

Participants throwing a squish ball to other participants

The presenters threw a squish ball to participants. Jennifer Francois caught the ball, answered the question and then threw the squish ball to another participant. And yes, a drink was spilled!

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