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Summer Insitute 2005

Curriculum as the Basis for Quality IEPs/IFSPs

June 21-24, 2005
University of Kansas
Burge Union 
Lawrence, KS

day one

Tuesday, June 21

The Importance of Curriculum: Setting the Stage for Learning
Speaker: Rebecca New, Ph.D., Tufts University

Photograph of Rebecca New, Tufts University photograph of group working on Summer Institute Photograph of people eating lunch at Summer Institute

day two

Wednesday, June 22

Accessing and Adapting the General Curriculum 
Speaker: Eva Horn, Ph.D., University of Kansas

Photograph of Eva Horn presenting at Summer InstitutePhotograph of people at Summer InstitutePhotograph of group of people working at Summer Institute

day three

Thursday, June 23

Curriculum for the Early Years: A Responsive and Respectful Approach
Speaker: Mary Jane Maguire Fong, M.S., American River College

Photograph of Mary Jane Fong presenting at Summer InstituteWomen listening to presentation at Summer InstitutePhotograph of women looking at table full of books

day four

Friday, June 24

Child Outcome Standards in Early Childhood: Linking Curriculum and Practices in Early Childhood Programs 
Speaker: Elena Bodrova, Ph.D. Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), Denver, CO

Chopsticks & Counting Chips: Do Play and Fundamental Skills Need to Compete for the Teacher's Attention in an Early Childhood Classroom?

Photograph of Elena Bodrova presenting at Summer InstitutePhotograph of people listening Students at the Summer Institute

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