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Summer Insitute 2004

More Than Play: Facilitating Children's Development in Natural and Inclusive Environments
June 22-25, 2004
Lawrence, KS

day one

Day 1: Kim Hughes, 1999 North Carolina Teacher of the Year and NAEYC Board confirmed, presented on Designing Learning and Play Environments for Young Children.

Photograph of Kim Huges presentingPhotograph of Misty Goosen at Summer InstitutePhotograph of women in circle with their hands in the air

day two

Day 2: Kenn Apel, Ph.D. Wichita State University, presented on 
Facilitating Communication and Language Development.

Photograph of Kenn Apel, Wichita State UniversityPhotograph of participants of Summer Institute at lodgingPhotograph of Marnie Campbell

day three

Day 3: Winnie Dunn, University of Kansas Medical Center, presented on 
Facilitating Sensorimotor Development.

Photograph of Winnie Dunn presenting at Summer InstitutePhotograph of two women hugging large JayhawkPhotograph of participants at summer institute

day four

Day 4: Ilene S. Schwartz, University of Washington, rounded out the week by discussing 
Facilitating Social-Emotional Development.

Photograph of Ilene Schwartz, University of WashingtonPhotograph of two participants Photograph of woman at summer institute

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