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Summer Insitute 2002

June 18-22, 2002
University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

Supporting Children with Disabilities and Their Families for School Readiness

Day One

Ready Communities

Kathy Thornburg, Ph.D., University of Missouri and NAEYC President addressed the topic of the day: School Readiness a National and State Perspective. An overview of the issues related to school readiness at both the national and state levels was given. The Kansas School Readiness Indicators were also discussed by the Kansas School NAEYC President

Photograph of Kathy Thornburg, University of Missouri and National Association for the Education of Young Children

Day two

Ready Families

Terri Rose, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Irving B. Harris Training Center for Infant Development spoke day two on the topic of Ready Families. The day focused on strategies to help professionals enhance their ability to provide relationship-based service to children and families. The presentation emphasized the need for parent and professional partnerships to achieve optimal child development and healthy functioning families based on the latest research in infant mental health, attachment theory, child development and relationship-based service models.

.Photograph of Terri Rose, University of Minnesota presentingphotograph of participants at Summer InstitutePhotograph of participants at summer institute

Day three

Ready Schools/Networks

Brenda Mullins, Ph.D., University of Kentucky Early Childhood Transition Project was the speaker for day three. Ready Programs was the topic of the day and emphasis was given to how programs can align their curriculum to meet the needs of all children. Specific strategies for identifying learning goals within programs serving children birth to eight years was discussed. Participants learned how to use these goals as a framework for their assessment, teaching, and monitoring practices to insure that children are making gains within the program.

Photograph of Brenda Mullins, University of Kentucky Early Childhood Transition Project presenting at summer institutePhotograph of group of participants at summer insitutePhotograph of group of participants at Summer Institute


day four

Ready Teachers/Early Interventionists

Jo Robertson, Ph.D., Murray State University Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education was the invited speaker for day four. The Topic of the Day was Ready Teachers/Interventionists and the focus of her presentation was on specific teaching strategies that enhance the readiness of children to enter more formal schooling. These practices were discussed within the context of the DEC Recommended Practices.

Photograph of joe Robertson, Murray State University Photograph of Dave Lindeman Photograph of group of participants at Summer Institute


photograph of Group of participants Photograph of group of participants in Summer Institute Photograph of group of participants in Summer Institute

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