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Welcome to Kids These Days – a podcast about why kids do what they do, geared towards the adult caregivers in their lives! Listen each Wednesday as co-hosts, Sarah Holmes and Ruddy Benavides cover a variety of topics ranging from process vs. product art to why culture is more than just a color – and everything in between, in bite-sized episodes.

Stay tuned later in the season for episodes that bring you “voices from the field” – providers, parents, directors, etc. that are out there doing what you do every day!

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"I'm not eating that! What you need to know about picky Eaters" (4/21/2021)

   I'm Not Eating That Infographic

"DAP Teaching Strategies" (4/7/2021)

   DAP Infographic

"UNSCRIPTED - It's All in the Eyebrows" (3/31/2021)

"Sensory Play - Part 2" (3/24/2021)

   Sensory Play Part 2 Infographic
   Sensory Inventory

"Sensory Play - Part 1" (3/17/2021)

   Sensory Play Part 1 Infographic

"UNSCRIPTED - Filling your cup, finding your side cup, and of course, mor TikTok" (3/10/2021)

"Temperaments" (3/3/2021)

   Temperaments Infographic
   Sensory Inventory

"UNSCRIPTED - TikTok, Empathy, Lollipops & iPads" (2/24/2021)

"Why Children Tattle and How to Handle It" (2/10/2020)

   Why Children Tattle Infographic

"UNSCRIPTED - Cultural Exchange and Not Turning the Page Too Soon!" (2/3/2021)

"Hola, my name is...: Supporting Dual Language Learners" (1/27/2021)

   Supporting Dual Language Learners Infographic

"Liar, Liar Pants on Fire: Why children Lie and How to Handle It" (1/20/2021)

   Why Child Lie Infographic

"UNSCRIPTED - Sharing, Empathy, and Lessons from our Dogs!" (1/13/2021)

"Sharing Isn't Always Caring" (1/6/2021)

   Sharing Isn't Always Caring Infographic

"Implementing Free Play" (11/25/2020)

   Implementing Free Play Infographic Pt. 1
   Implementing Free Play Infographic Pt. 2

"Transitions" (11/18/2020)

   Transitions Infographic
   Transitions Deep Dive
   Blank Transition & Routine Planning Form
   Clean-up Timer
   Handwashing After Eating
   Sample Schedule 1 & 2

"Free Play - Part 2: What does Free Play look like?" (11/11/2020)

    Free Play Part 2 Infographic
    Free Play Part 2 Deep Dive

"Free Play - Part 1: What is it and why is it important?" (11/4/2020)

    Free Play Part 1 Infographic

"Finding a Balance with Screen Time" (10/28/2020)

    Finding a Balance Infographic

"Don't Say Don't: Intentionally Guiding & Discipling Children (10/21/2020)

    Don't Say Don't Infographic
    Don't Say Don't Deep Dive

"Children in Nature: Outdoor Play (10/14/2020)

    Outdoor Play Infographic
    Preschool Children's Biophilia and Attitudes toward Nature

"Interview: Rachelle Colyer" – Pediatric Physical Therapist with F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic, Olathe, KS (10/7/2020)
*See show notes for more information about the Pediatric PT program at F.I.T!

    Rachelle Colyer Bio

"Guidance vs. Discipline vs Punishment" (9/30/2020)

    Guidance vs. Discipline vs Punishment Infographic

"Self Care Part 2: How do I Self-Care and how do I do it?" (9/23/2020)

    Self-Care Part 2 Infographic
    Self-Care Deep Dive
    Loving Kindness Meditation

"Self Care Part 1: What is Self-Care and why do I need it?" (9/16/2020)

    Self-Care Part 1 Infographic
    Self-Care Checklist

"ATC & Thinking Traps" (9/9/2020)

    ATC Infographic
    Thinking Traps Infographic
    Deep Dive ATC & TT

"TEAM: Teach, Embrace, Acknowledge, Model (9/2/2020)


"All Feelings Are For Feeling" (8/26/2020)

    Deep Dive Resource

"Say You're Sorry, and Mean It!" (8/19/2020)


“Every Behavior is a Request for Something” (8/19/2020)


Introducing “Kids These Days” trailer (8/12/2020)

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