Dual Language Learners

ED and HHS issued a Joint Statement supporting the development of children who are dual language learners (DLL) in early childhood programs. It is the vision of the ED and HHS that all early childhood programs adequately and appropriately serve the diverse children and families that make up this country. Programs should foster their cognitive, linguistic, social emotional, and physical development and prepare them for success in school and beyond. This joint HHS and ED policy statement advances that vision by:

  • Setting an expectation for high-quality and appropriate supports and services specifically designed for young children who are DLLs;
  • Increasing awareness about the benefits of bilingualism and the important role of home language development;
  • Reviewing the research on the unique strengths of and challenges faced by this population, and strategies that are effective in promoting their learning and development;
  • Providing recommendations to early childhood programs, tribes, and States on establishing policies and implementing practices that support the learning and development of children who are DLLs;
  • Providing considerations for tribal communities engaged in Native language revitalization, maintenance, restoration, or preservation efforts within their early childhood programs; and
  • Identifying free resources to support states, tribal communities, programs, teachers, providers and families in supporting the development and learning of children who are DLLs.

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